Starting a business in UK

Starting a business in the UK is both thrilling and challenging. Our Starter Pack is intended to assist new companies and startups at every stage, from picking a legal structure to setting up and training Xero.

Expert assistance and recommendations without jargon

Setting up and managing your own business is difficult, but more and more individuals are doing it. And for good reason; there are many benefits to being your own boss, having greater freedom, or realising a longtime goal.​

Whatever your motivation, it’s still difficult. Nothing nice is. Perhaps you’ve just begun, are a few months into it, or are still in the idea stage. Excellent at what you do, you. among the greatest. However, you are unaware of your ignorance. Chart of accounts, VAT, year-end, marketing, systems, compliance, registering your company name, structures

What’s inside?

Help finding the right structure, setting up, and advice to stay on track.

New business help and a check list

We will offer you advice and help about the steps you must take to set up and start operating your new firm.

Setup and training for Xero

We can optimise your Xero file for you and provide you with introductory training so you can get started the proper way.

Assistance with business setup

we’ll offer advise on the optimal business structure for your requirements.

Created budgets that are entered into Xero

Creating a budget that is specific to your company and entering it into your Xero account will allow you to monitor your progress.

What do you get with a supreme core package?

Everything you want is included in our basic package, which has a set fee that is spread out over a 12-month period. This includes everything from your year-end accounts to tax minimization to unrestricted help and guidance.

We also provide a broad variety of other beneficial services to assist you as you get started or as your business expands, including bank reconciliation, tax returns, advice services, and more. For a free discussion, get in touch with us; we’d be happy to assist.

Dedicated accountant

Get one-on-one assistance with all of your accounting requirements from a licenced accountant.

Tax optimization

Tax law interpretation is what we do to lawfully reduce your tax obligation.
Tax compliance that is simple: Fill out a short yearly questionnaire to speed up the processing of tax returns.

Easy tax compliance

To speed up the preparation of tax returns, answer a short yearly questionnaire.

Goal-oriented approach

Work with your accountant to develop and monitor financial objectives using a goal-oriented approach.

Unlimited support

Access our Customer Support desk for unlimited assistance with Xero, payroll, and more.

Proactive information and alerts

Proactive news and alerts: Keep up with the latest business advice and tactics to stay on top.

Checklist for brand-new entrepreneurs

As soon as you adopt the label “business owner,” you commit to a number of monetary and legal responsibilities.Our goal is to make them simple. So, in addition to serving as your accountants and assisting you with preparation and compliance, we’ve created a checklist to make sure your company is set up properly.​ ​

Continue reading to find out what is required to satisfy the tax office and any extra shareholders or workers you may have. We concentrated on the areas that require your attention.